Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 2--Choo Choo Train

We got one to go under our tree!  While I was planning how to decorate our home and make it cozy for Christmas, Devin was doing some online shopping for the best deal on toy trains we could find.  After all, what is a Christmas tree without a toy train under it, right?

We were holding off on buying one, because we couldn't seem to find any below $50.  Imagine our delight when we opened the weekly CVS circular to find ours for just $19.99.  That's right! That night we made a special trip to get one.

Just a boy and his train :)

I just sat on the couch and snapped pictures of him putting it together.

And here it is all set up!

Devin is happy and I love it too! Welcome little train to our collection of new Christmas traditions :)  We will take good care of this little machine for future Christmases.

Do you set up a train under your Christmas tree? Does your family have any other similar traditions?  

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