Friday, November 9, 2012

Anne...and More Hats

 Lately I've been on quite the mission to crochet hats for every child in our church.  It all started with Anne.  Anne is the pastor's eight year old daughter who for some reason has taken a shine to my husband and me.  A couple of months ago, she started sitting with us during the Sunday evening service--adorable!  She'll walk into our pew, plop her Bible and purse down and smile really big at us through her braces.  Like I said, she is cute! One week she brought a nicely colored picture of a unicorn with "Ravens, I love you" written across the top.  Melts my heart :)

Anyways, I decided that I was going to crochet her a hat for being our "church buddy."  I made it in two shades of her favorite color (blue), added a flower accent, and embroidered her name on it.  Some of you may have seen it on my facebook page.

Here's what my finished product looked like:

I was so happy the day I gave it to her because I could tell she was IN LOVE!  It fit her perfectly, and she couldn't stop smiling.  The next week, she wrote me a thank you letter in which she stated that she "loved the hat" and also "loved my perfume because it's so nice." Her mom later told me that all week she had smelled her hat and said, "Oh, it smells so good like Mrs. Raven."  Haha!

Anne's hat caught the attention of the other tykes in our church.  Her sister quickly let me know that her favorite color was pink.  I think that was a hint :)  Last week I took her a newly finished pink puffy hat with blue accents and a blue pompom.  Sadly, I did not take a picture of Erin's hat :(

As Erin was trying on her new pink hat, i looked up to see three little boys standing around me.  Andrew (Anne and Erin's INSANELY CUTE little 4 year old brother) wanted to know "Did you finish my hat yet, Mrs. Raven?" Micah and Adam (brothers from a different family) were hilarious.  "Wow, those hats look really  nice and warm, Mrs. Raven," they said.  Their huge, blue eyes pleading for me to suggest making them hats as well.

So my orders are in for next Sunday:
Andrew would like a hat that has blue in it with a car on it,
Micah would like a blue hat,
and Adam would like a red hat with a monster truck on it!

To be honest, I didn't think I would be able to do the whole car and monster truck thing.  I even told them I wasn't going to be able to put pictures on their hats.  However, this week I did some research and found out that its totally possible to crochet a car and a monster truck.  I can't wait to surprise them with this on Sunday!

We are so blessed to be a  part of a church that is filled with children.  There is something about the way that a child looks up to you, loves you, and wants to be like you that is so sweet.  I'm thankful that I can use my hats to love them back.

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of the boys' finished hats and also to learn


  1. That is so cute!! :) Love the hat and love the story :)

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    1. Thanks Lacey! Your hats are always SO adorable! I love all the cute little faces :)