Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Things About Spring

Let's be honest...

Spring is one of the best seasons out there! There is something so refreshing about all the greenness and new life after a long, cold winter.  Especially when you think about having the whole summer still stretching before you.  Love!

Here are my top 10 favorite things about Spring in no particular order:

1. Birds singing

2. Bright green baby leaves

3. Flowering trees--probably my all time favorite thing

4. Thunderstorms

5. Taking walks on warm evenings

6. Tulips

7. Open windows (before it gets too hot and the AC goes in!)

8. End of all things school

9. Sitting in the sun

10. Longer days

What are some of your favorite things about Spring?
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  1. Not having to bundle up
    mowing the grass
    all the flowers and trees come alive
    watching kids outside playing
    more fishing

    1. mowing! and the smell of the freshly mowed grass--I love that too