Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 5--Christmas Cookie Exchange

I made those chocolate cherry cookies I shared with you yesterday for a specific purpose.  Last night at my church's ladies Bible study, we had a Christmas cookie exchange.  It was really fun!  The "rules" for the cookie exchange were as follows:
  • Bring 4 dozen of one kind of cookie
  • Cookies must be homemade or bought at a bakery (no oreos or other packaged cookies allowed)
  • Bring copies of your recipe
  • Bring an empty container
This week's Bible study was held at Devin's uncle and aunt's house.  Sheryl has her house so beautifully decorated for Christmas, and everything was laid out perfectly.  There was a large table in the dining room to display all of the cookies on, and a long table was set up with pretty place settings for all of us ladies to sit at and enjoy some soup & bread before studying God's Word.  

One of the ladies brought something special to give to each one of us...but I'm going to be showing you that tomorrow :).

After the time of fellowship and Bible study was over, we got down to the business of exchanging cookies.  It was fun to see all of the different kinds of cookies that people brought.  I took pictures of the table before we attacked it to show you the abundance there was!

There were eleven ladies present at the cookie exchange.  So in order to distribute them evenly, we had everyone go around the table with their empty containers and take four of each kind of cookie.  Then we could go back and take any other four that we wanted.  The idea was that we brought 48 cookies and left with 48 cookies.  We also picked up copies of everyone's recipes.  I'm definitely looking forward to sampling all of these cookies!!

Word of advice: I like to store each type of cookie in its own individual baggie; I hate it when you keep different kinds of cookies in one container together and they all end up tasting like each other--gross!

This is a fun Christmas activity that you could do with the ladies from your church, or even with just a group of friends!

Have you ever done a Christmas cookie exchange? What Christmas activities do you do with friends or ladies from your church?


  1. Can you believe I've never been part of a cookie exchange? Sadness, I know. We did, however, have our ladies Christmas party at church on Tuesday night as well. We had a nice supper, devotional, and played a fun gift exchange game. It is so fun! Next year I'll have to keep the cookie exchange idea in mind!

    1. That is sad! It's pretty fun...especially if you stress the "specialty cookie" part.