Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Organized

I am a very organized kind of person.  I like to have things planned, and I feel that if I set goals I usually accomplish more than if I don't.  My dad always says, "If you're goals aren't anything, you'll accomplish them every time!"  Makes sense.

I also really love check sheets.  Does any one else love checking something off a to do list as much as I do? It gives me such a secret feeling of pleasure!

In my perusing of Pinterest, I've come across several sights that offer printables for staying organized.  Some creative people out there have even built an entire packet that can be used as a family planning binder.  They are very detailed and include pages for recording medical information, babysitter information, school information, and the list goes on.

Now, like I said...I'm organized.  But I am more of a simple kind of girl.  I don't really care to micromanage everything down to the last detail. I am happy with one sheet to keep me on track--a place where I can jot down some goals and "to do" lists.  Anybody else out there feel like creating and maintaining an entire binder would be a daunting challenge? Don't get me wrong...I highly admire those who do it, but I'm just not convinced that it's for me.

So I decided to create a set of printables that were more in line with my kind of organizing.  I'm excited to start using them!  I really like that an entire week is on one sheet.  I also like that I can plan specific goals for each month in different areas of my life.  Categorizing them reminds me to think and reflect on each one.  I plan on keeping my goal sheets posted on my refrigerator for easy access.

Here is what I created:

What do you think?

I've created a one year packet in colors that coordinate with each season.  The colors are as listed:

Winter: Teal
Spring: Purple
Summer: Green
Fall: Red

These goal sheets can be yours FOR FREE simply by commenting on this post.  Request an entire one year packet, a season packet, or really whichever of these you would like.  


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